Goggins Force Training Facility is Now Open!

Goggins Force was previously located in my garage. I limited the gym to group training, one on one coaching and personal training clients. I did not want to open it up to the public as it was a smaller facility located in my garage/ basement.

The new gym is located a few miles from my house in a large warehouse! We have a full training facility with everything a powerlifter could dream of. Goggins Force Training Facility is equipped with a large open gym space, cardio room, dumbbell room, lobby, locker room and large outdoor training space behind the gym. There is plenty of room for whatever your heart desires! We currently offer open gym memberships in addition to Group Training, One-on-One Coaching and Personal Training.

Dave Tate was even kind enough to send me a custom combo rack and chalk bowl for the gym! Dave, it is the most incredible thing anyone has ever given me. Thank you so much.


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