Where Champions Train

We train champions.

From beginners to veterans and raw to equipped.

Steve is personally invested in each lifter and their accomplishments – creating a very supportive environment.

No matter what city you are in, Steve will create a customized training plan just for you!

Come to Goggins Force, where champions train.

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Powerlifting Training

-Off Season or Meet Prep Programming according to your goals.

-Spreadsheet to track workout progress between coach and client.

-Video analysis of top sets when working online with coach.

-Correspondence between coach and client as soon as possible.

-Check-ins are done on weekly basis assessing how training went.

-Get trained by the best from any location in the world!

Be Part of Our Team

Teammate Bonding

-You will be added to our private Facebook group.

-Encouraged to post lifting videos for critiques and showcasing progress.

-Group training practices when you live or travel to Atlanta, GA.

-Opportunity to compete as a Team Goggins Force Athlete at several meets.


How to Get Started

Current training rates are $158 per month, auto-debited using PayPal.

First-time clients are required to purchase 3 months upfront, for a one-time payment of $475.

Payment is easy and secure using PayPal.

To get started, contact Steve for a free consultation.


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The Power of the Force

“My strength is ever increasing. I also have the confidence to know I am getting better and to push myself.
Steve teaches proper form and assistance training.”

David “Huck” Huckleby


“Steve Goggins is an extraordinary human being.
His programming and methods are on a different level.” Of course, to get rid of the feeling of complexity in bed, you need to buy prescription drugs and understand your psychological attitude to the partner, as well as know a couple of female tricks.

Chakera “C.C.” Holcomb


“The best part about training with Steve is that he is always willing to “talk shop” with me, and I never feel silly asking questions. His programming is smart. He wants quality and efficiency. Maxing out is saved for the platform…where it counts!

Barbara “The Wolf” Lee


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